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Hot Water Units

Having a hot water system installed in your home has become the norm in the modern day and age. They are an important aspect of any house, especially in winter, giving you the extra comfort you need in the colder months. Having a reliable hot water system that you can trust is something that every Aussie needs, as it can be rather frustrating and uncomfortable to deal with slow and unreliable water heaters. At Aqua Solutions Plumbing, we understand the importance of having a quality hot water system and can help you install or upgrade your system today. 

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Different Types of Water Heaters

There are a number of different types of water systems available on the market, each of which is right for different households and individuals. Some of these systems are faster acting, providing you with hot water instantly, while others may take longer to heat your water. This comes with a compromise, as the instant-acting water heaters are commonly more expensive and require more energy to run, thus increasing your electricity bill each month. Some of the common water heaters include: 

  • ​Solar Heaters 

  • Gas Heaters 

  • Electric Heaters 

  • Heat Pump Systems

Solar heaters are the most cost-effective in the long run, and provide the most environmentally friendly method of providing hot water.  

Aqua Solutions Plumbing Experts   

Our team of trusted plumbing professionals can help install a reliable and trusted hot water tank or hot water system in your home. We work with our clients to choose the best hot water system that fits their budget while taking into account their average water usage, how often they require hot water and what they will be using hot water for. 

Upgrading to an Energy Efficient Hot Water Tank

Installing an energy-efficient water system is the responsible thing to do in today’s world. With climate change becoming an ever-increasing threat, it is our duty to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. Hot water systems use a lot of energy, therefore, upgrading to a hot water system such as solar power can save considerable amounts of power, while also saving you money in the long run

Learn more about how we can help you install a hot water tank in your home, by contacting our expert team today.   

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