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French Drainage Solutions in New South Wales

If you’re noticing drainage issues on your property, a French drain system may be a simple solution to prevent pooling water, provide foundation protection and improve overall water management. At Aqua Solutions Plumbing, we‘re the trusted experts when it comes to providing drainage installation and maintenance solutions for a range of clients across New South Wales including French drainage systems.

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What is a French Drain System?

French drains help collect and direct surface water and groundwater away from the foundations of your home or commercial property. Unlike conventional box drains that collect water in one spot, French drainage systems use a trench and gravity to encourage water to channel down the path of least resistance and drain away. This allows for greater coverage, simplifying water management. 


The trench is created with gravel or stones laid at the base to control water flow and improve permeability, often with a perforated pipe at the base to increase the amount of water that can pass through the system and into a stormwater drain. A French drain system can even be covered with turf or mulch so it remains hidden, seamlessly transforming a soggy, muddy yard into a thriving, healthy lawn or garden.

How to Install French Drainage 

The process of installing a French drain system is relatively simple. When you call our domestic and commercial plumbers, we will:

  • Visit your property and assess soil conditions, slope and other yard features

  • Dig a trench at the appropriate depth for the situation

  • Line the trench with permeable landscaping fabric

  • Lay down gravel and a perforated pipe

  • Wrap up the drain system with landscaping fabric as well as turf or mulch if required

Benefits of French Drainage 

French drain systems can help prevent cracks and other degradation of walkways, brickwork, retaining walls and foundations by directing water away from them. They also eliminate pooling surface water as well as alleviate pressure from groundwater on retaining walls and septic tanks. The expert team at Aqua Solutions Plumbing will determine the appropriate installation approach depending on the drainage issues on-site, ensuring a tailored solution fit for your specific needs.

Contact Us for French Drainage Solutions in New South Wales

Contact Us for French Drainage Solutions in New South Wales


Contact Aqua Solutions Plumbing today to find out more about installing a French drainage system on your property. We provide our solutions across New South Wales, including in Allambie Heights, Manly, Dee Why, Seaforth, Frenchs Forest, North Sydney and Balgowlah Heights.

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